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HTML5 Video Player

Premium Responsive Video player suitable for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet screens

Adaptive Streaming

HLS video streaming from the closest server to minimize load time & maximize speed.


Customisable Video on demand viewing experience aggregating owned and/or licensed video content.

Floating Player Placement

Placement of player at a stick or floating position, to increase viewability and engagement.

Player Customisation & Whitelabelling.

Remove or replace Broadpub player branding with other corporate logos.


Advertising Solutions.

Broadpub on-demand services

Broadpub Monetization services can provide direct-sold, programmatic and/or backfill demand for in-player video inventory

VAST/VPAID Advertising

Support VAST/VPAID/VMAP tags digital ad-format

Publisher Direct Sold

Support for publishers direct-sold and/or programmatic advertising campaigns.

Contextual Targeting

Delivery of ads according to featured person, brand, IAB Category & Keyword.

Brand Safety Criteria

Delivery of ads avoiding pre-defined brand safety criteria.

Content Management.

Support Video Hosting & Delivery

Support for access to video storage services & the Broadpub Content delivery network.

Video content metadata

Selective video content creation.

Accessed to Licensed video content libraries

Access to dozens of premium video content sources, fully licensed, analysed & made available for editorial usage.

Trending Article Video Creation

Upload trending videos from leading sources.

Video Content upload AP

Bulk ingestion of owned/original video content through automatic feeds.

CMS API Integration

Integration embed code videos directly to CMS.

Content Taxonomy

Content Taxonomy by People, Brands, IAB Categories, Keywords & Brand Safety


Audience Engagement.

Trending Video Recommendation

Promoting videos based on audience engagement trends.

Video/Page Content Matching

Analysis of page content & automatic selection of video content to match people, brands or keywords featured in article.

Editorial playlist creation

Manual editorial selection & placement of clips & players.


Content Analytics Dashboard

Content engagement dashboards detailing engagements by clip or by feature, brand or person.


Integration ready with Google Analytics & Tag Manager.

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Dedicated support team.


Same day SLA scheduled account service

Online support

Email/Online support.