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Increase video revenue up to 5 times. Engage your audience. Grow your business.

Unique solutions for managing and monetising video audiences

Category, Keywords matching & selection of video content to match people, brands & keywords in the article

Upload/ingest own or original videos for distribution & earn revenue


BroadPub is a simple, ready to use platform. Engage your audience. Revenue growth. Show viewers more of what they like. Grow your video revenue.


Effective Video Monetization

Process video assets image and audio contents frame-by-frame, Broadpub content data feeds each of the Platform’s tools, making content easier to work with for editorial & Adops teams.
Broadpub Video Platform is revolutionising the ways media SSP and DSP work with video.

Increase your Video revenue using the platform

Increase your revenue with our platform which helps publishers to connect with broadcasters who can track their video performance through inbuilt analytics or third party analytics.

B2B Platform

BroadPub is one of the best B2B platforms. It is strictly business since we are connecting publishers to broadcasters and vice versa. Our dashboard provides users to track video analytics as well as provides an option to inject ads to their videos.

01 Is the generated embed code usable anywhere ?

Yes, the script tag is utilizable anywhere. Script tag is automatically responsive to any part of the website.

02 Support to google ads ?

It supports both linear and non linear ads.

03 Does it support video tracking ?

Yes, Unique user video tracking is done with the dashboard analytics.

04 Does it support Multi language broadcasters ?

Yes, It supports Multi language broadcasters.


An advertiser is an entity that advertises. Advertising is a method used to attract people’s attention. We see advertisements all around us. Advertisers can use this platform to place the ads.They can use our or any third party ads, Ads are of open standard video ad tags like VAST, VPAID, VMAP. Advertisers will have a separate panel to manage their creative line items just like the one found on google ad manager. The users can also have basic impression to be injected in their ads.

First Party

Party that collected the data firsthand to use for re-targeting.

Third Party

Website operator or publisher presents content for users and the site.

Broadcasters we provide.